Madden NFL Arcade Review

Platform: PS3/360
Originally Reviewed: 2012

Madden NFL Arcade is a strange mix of several different previous titles that works incredibly well for some fast paced, 5 on 5 multiplayer action. Rather than adopting the totally over-the-top showboating of NFL Street, the game simply strips down the style of the full Madden releases, adding in ‘game changers’ for extra craziness.

You play 5 on 5 matches, with four simple plays to pick from – short pass, medium pass, long pass or run. There are four similar defence plays to pick from and this bypasses a lot of the stat crunching and overly convoluted strategising that can alienate casual NFL fans. You play a match with no time limit, with the winner being the first player to reach a pre-determined score.

The action is frenetic and an absolute riot in multiplayer. The game is really easy to pick up and the lack of rules keeps things simple, allowing players to concentrate on what they like – throwing huge passes, running past tackles and smashing opponents with big hits. The game flows really well because you have only four TOTAL downs per offense in which to score a touchdown. If you fail, possession switches over.

The game is spiced up with the ‘game changers’, which are 13 randomly assigned powerups that alter the game in a variety of wacky ways. They can be used to freeze opposing players, put the game in Matrix-style slow motion or throw bullet-fast passes.

The game is a blast, but it’s a real shame that there is so little depth. There is no season or tour mode at all. It’s literally one match, then you quit and start again without even the option for a rematch. Single player can, therefore, become quite boring with no real overall goal to achieve, but for a quick pick up multiplayer NFL blast, this game delivers fun and excitement time after time.

Alex Aldridge 


The art style is decent and typically over the top for the arcade nature of the game. Nothing amazing, but not bad for a budget release.



Perfect pick-up-and-play NFL action that will satisfy both casual and hardened fans. The game changers are great fun, but sometimes a little unfair.



Nothing, not even a season mode.



The quick nature of the matches make it easy to adopt a ‘one more match’ attitude and multiplayer is great fun, but you won’t play much on your own.



Great fun and a unique twist on NFL action that anyone can understand and enjoy. An absolute riot in multiplayer, but lack of season or tour mode makes it feel rather shallow.






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