DmC Preview

Originally Published: 2012

Developer: Ninja Theory
Publisher: Capcom

Release Date: 15/1/13

Ninja Theory have been given a lot of stick for their ‘emo’ design of Dante. You know who told them to make him like that? Capcom. Faced with requirements that they make him completely different to appeal to a younger audience, Ninja Theory actually found influence for Dante from Christopher Nolan’s Batman classic – The Dark Knight. Still emo?

The very fact that lead producer Alex Jones received death threats for the way Dante looks is ridiculous, even more so considering that he was doing what Capcom told him to, as anyone who plays Devil May Cry for the way the character looks is an idiot. Dante wasn’t exactly the manliest man in the gaming universe anyway was he? Regardless, the wise majority of us play the game to smash enemies into the air, juggle them with gunfire and then plunge a massive sword through their heart. Ninja Theory were never likely to change that were they?

The game feels just like true series fans want it to. Easy to get to grips with and a thing of beauty in the hands of skilled masters, this is the Devil May Cry that everyone loves. Where the game is set to differ from the previous iterations is in the interactive way that the game area interacts with Dante. The game is set in the fictional Limbo City, a quiet town that Dante soon realises is actually a warped, sentient hellhole that adapts itself to try and kill our controversial protagonist.

Floors frequently fall away from under Dante in the demo version playable at the Eurogamer Expo, meaning that skilful navigation and jumping is almost as vital as combat mastery. The graphics help make the twisted world shine, and the game is certainly nice to look at. It won’t exactly render the previous games obsolete, but it’s nice to see something fresh in a series that nobody could really identify as one that constantly reinvents itself with bold new ideas.

So, there’s no need to worry then. You can put your letter bombs back in your parents’ garage – DmC will be fine, kids. There wasn’t much chance to hear the story over the noise of the Eurogamer crowd, and that is likely to be the biggest bone of contention for series fans, but as far as gameplay goes there can be absolutely no complaints. On playing the demo for an extended period of time, I personally realised how much I’d missed the staple traits of the series.

Bayonetta clearly put a lot of pressure on Devil May Cry for the hack ‘n’ slash crown. DmC may struggle to match the kind of critical hype that Platinum Games’ title did, but it is always expected to do well commercially. Whether Dante’s new image will unfairly affect how the game performs is yet to be seen, but as far as gameplay goes it’s certainly more of what fans want.


+ The gameplay is still classic Devil May Cry


– Will the reboot offer enough fresh ideas, other than a new look for Dante, to outdo the likes of Bayonetta?

Alex Aldridge

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