Dishnonored Preview

Originally Published: 2012

I’ve got a phrase for you – see if you remember it. It’s called “new IP”. Yeah, sounds like a crazy concept I know, but there is one going round at the moment, and it’s set to cause a serious triple A stir and could well bag itself several game of the year nominations. The game’s name? Dishonored.

Casting the Americanised spelling aside, and ignoring my UK version of Word’s spellchecker, Dishonored (there it goes with the red wiggly line again) is a name you want to pay attention to. Having got my hands on the First Person Super Powers Stealth ‘Em-up, I am expecting big things from the full build. Arkane Studios have created a protagonist who has so much at his disposal with which to do damage that Dishonored is sure to continually serve up new ways to tackle missions.

Wanting to sneak around? See through walls, spy through keyholes, even possess rats and sneak through tiny grates and holes in the wall. Overwhelmed by enemies? Slow down time long enough to slit many a throat or simply blast the bastards sky high with a whirlwind. It’s as cool as it sounds. And there promises to be much more we can do when in control of Corvo Atano in a few weeks.

Admittedly, the demo was a teensy bit hard to figure out, as many are in the Eurogamer Expo arena. Without any backstory or motive it was rather confusing finding where to go and who to kill, but in doing so the game handles really well with very solid controls and an easy to use weapon wheel and dual wield system (swords in the right hand, magical powers in the left). You can really tell that members of the creative talent behind games such as Thief and Half Life 2 were involved in the game. Expect familiar elements from both along with plenty of crazy new ideas.

Graphically the game is rather nice on the eyes, mostly thanks to the brilliant steampunk art style. It’s certainly a unique looking game from the masters of creating brilliant game worlds – Bethesda. Limited in the demo to a small area, I’m pretty desperate to start teleporting around more of Dunwall and see what more the industrial city has to offer.

Luckily for all of us, the game is released on 8th October, so we barely have to wait 2 weeks before the final game comes out. I urge everyone out there who is bored with sequel after sequel and FPS after FPS to keep an open mind and celebrate Dishonored for giving us a unique and exciting take on stealth and action. Right, time to go stare at people until I develop the ability to possess them.


+ The wealth of powers available that give different ways to take on any objective


Messing up your stealth and feeling like a clumsy oaf

Alex Aldridge

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